Shipping Container Security
Here on our website we want to focus on shipping container security issues relating to freight operations and static
storage. We will bring you the best security technologies from around the World. Export and Import of Shipping
Containers Security issues.

Over 20 million freight containers are currently circulating the world with about seven million of them passing through
U.S. ports every year. Surprisingly, only about 2% of these are physically inspected. Security experts have warned
of doomsday scenarios involving unchecked containers that may harbour terrorists, explosives, or other hazardous

Were you aware of the numbers involved ?
The good news is that enhanced container security methods, based on technologies such as, cellular and satellite
communications, are on the way. These technologies also promise substantial commercial benefits from a supply
chain and enterprise resource planning perspective.

Depending on the technology and application, electronic tracking can not only log a container's movements around
the world sometimes in real time, but can also alert administrators that, for instance, a container was opened
without authorization From a logistics point of view no matter how advanced we may become with security
monitoring of Shipping Containers, there will always be someone or some organisation that circumnavigates the

Nothing beats the watchful eye be alert. With the rapid expansion of containerised self storage through out the world
we now focus on the issue of security for static shipping containers for self storage companies.

This section takes on several initiatives, the storage companies responsibility, the storage renters legal obligation,
and the ability to prevent petty theft from containers.

Here is a link to the web site our specialist site for lock boxes.

You may also see web sites and for high Security lock boxes The
next generation of shipping container high security lockbox system designed by us is available now.

This UK Patented lockbox system has double hasp fixing, door seal riser plates and includes a high spec E Lock.
This is the ultimate lockbox for any shipping container storage facility. The design is unique very clever and above all
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a contact shipping container lock box a lockbox in place if a container
a bolton e block a boltonbox2.jpg
a e lock 7 (1) a FAS 002 Slim line Lock Box
a High Spec Block Lock a High Spec Block Lock2
a lockbox 1a a lockbox 2a
a lockbox 3a a lockbox 4a
a lockbox 5a a lockbox 6a
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