Fab and Site UK Chemical Stores
We continue to bring innovative products to the market place and here we have
details on a very useful conversion we do. Hazardous materials need specialist

Our Chemical Stores are designed with this in mind and are ideal for the safe storage
and dispensing and transfer of hazardous materials, chemicals, flammables and

The Shipping Container Chemical Stores comply with all the relevant Health and
Safety Executive (HSE) requirements.
Store Size Length Width Height
8ft Chemical Store 8ft / 2.44m 8′ / 2.44m 8’6″ / 2.59m
10ft Chemical Store 10ft / 3m 8′ / 2.44m 8’6″ / 2.59m
20ft Chemical Store 20′ / 6.1m 8′ / 2.44m 8’6″ / 2.59m
The bunded floor techique means that any spills or leaks within the floor do not seep into the earth beneath.

This is achieved either by having a raised bund at the front of the container or by having a sub-floor sump with guttering and
drainage tap. See pictures of recent projects we have undertaken.
Fab and Site Chemical Store Design
• ISO Strong, secure steel shipping container construction new or used options (www.intermodalcontainers.co.uk)

• Anti slip, anti spark tread - checker  plate floor or open grille

• Bunded floor or sub-floor sump to retain leaks or spillage(see pictures)

• Single or double doors, multi door options

• Optional side hatch to allow fuel line and power cable feeds etc.

• High security lock box to enable container to be secured, and safe storage

• Plentiful Ventilation to enable cross air flow, minimising toxic fumes and reducing inside temperature

• Fork lift pockets for easy transportation and movements around any yard or depot

• Optional shelving and lighting, colour scheme, logo or branding

• Safety Signage

• EEC regulations Compliant build specification
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Fab-and-Site-UK-Chemical-Stores-004 Fab-and-Site-UK-Chemical-Stores-006 Fab-and-Site-UK-Chemical-Stores-007 Fab-and-Site-UK-Chemical-Stores-008
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