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Fabrication and Site Services UK and all subsideries offer a great range of second hand containers that
are ready and available for immediate purchase. These containers are available in a variety of sizes and
types allowing customers to purchase the right type of container for their intended purpose.

All ISO shipping containers are built to withstand conditions at sea, the structure is extremely solid. This
ensures strength and durability for a long working life at sea and ultimately ending up in domestic storage
uses as a retired unit. This specialist construction enquire allows containers to be used safely for a variety
of purposes even after a hard working life at sea.

The ISO containers are great for storing personal effects, business uses including documents, sporting
equipment, tools, machinery and just about anything else. These storage containers are available as new,
used or refurbished units in 8 ft.,10ft, 20ft,40ft and 45 ft. dimensions.

For the storage of paint, thinners, oils, diesel, chemicals, class 3 flammables and any other potentially
dangerous substance, storage containers offer the perfect solution. How ever be aware that EEC 
regulations stipulate that these must comply with the regulations laid down by that directive. For this
application ask us about purpose built haz-chem units.

The range of new and used refrigerated containers we also stock offers cold storage for catering support at
functions, additional cold storage for the busy season and temporary cold storage space during
renovations. Ask us about hire facilities both long term and short term.

With a combined 30 years experience in the container industry, the Fab and Site Group specialises in the
aftermarket disposal of containers that have reached the end of their operating life in the marine industry.
You will benefit from our considerable market knowledge and strong supplier relationships enabling you to
avail of good quality low priced container stock for your individual or business needs.

With us you are working with a company that builds new containers specifically with storage in mind see
our web site , from end user friendly doors with waist high handles and lock boxes
for security, extra vents to finished floors, we make our upgrades standard. Through our reliable industry
relationships we can position containers into all port locations in the UK  and most large inland cities

Used shipping containers are being used for a number of purposes these days. Most used containers are
needed for additional storage of materials or equipment, but they are also used for the transport of goods.
Thousands of shipping containers arrive in the UK every day, and most are often not returned to there
origin due to age as it costs the shipping companies too much money, so they are sold as used shipping

There are many different used shipping container sizes such as 10' used shipping containers, 20' used
shipping containers and 40' used shipping containers. If you're not looking for a used shipping container for
sale, then we also have used shipping containers for hire, and our used shipping container prices are very
competitive. Used storage containers can be placed anywhere at your home, business or stored onsite at
one of our many UK wide depots. For more information just contact our used shipping container experts at or call us on 02380 361247.


• Look for "one-trip" containers if you are looking for a nearly new look and condition. These containers are
usually made in China see and used once for cargo shipping before being sold.
They are often listed as "new" or "like new" but they will have a few scratches from their initial trip. You will
not get new containers at competitive rates as everything is shipped loaded from factories. New unused
would cost much more.

• Look for "corten steel" if you want to use containers in inclement weather or near the ocean or long term
static storage. This relatively new material is also used in construction projects and it can stand up to
more weather without rusting.

• Look for a "factory paint" label if you want it to be freshly painted, instead of refurbished. Refurbished
containers can have problems with paint peeling from rust. Factory paint implies that it has only been
painted once, when it was made.

• A designation as "no shipping label" means that you will not find a large company logo on the container.
It is likely painted a single colour, without many other markings.

• A "cargo worthy" container indicates that the unit has been inspected by a cargo surveyor see our site . It has been deemed worthy of ocean cargo transport.

• Shipping containers that are categorized as "as-is" are the most worn and economical option. It is likely
that they have been retired by shipping companies, they have some leaks or damage, they are partially
rusted and they have 1 or more shipping labels painted onto them. There is a large supply of as-is shipping
containers across the globe, so you are likely to find a good price.

• Modified shipping containers are also available at various prices. Many of these containers have been
repainted. Other options include roll up doors, heat units, air conditioning units, skylights, security bars,
partitions, vents, fans, framing and insulation. Keep in mind that the addition of new doors or windows will
compromise the seal and security of the original model. How ever see our website for some great ideas and advice

Also drop by for a huge portal of our groups interests.

Other well used containers are classified as "wind-water-tight". Wind and water tight conveys that the
seller believes it to be a well sealed container, but it has not been inspected by a surveyor.

See this very useful link for the industry terminology >>
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